Child Care for single dads

Caring for a child if you are a single dad isn't an easy task - you must be shattered!.

It can sometimes be difficult to juggle work, family and time for yourself when you don't have any support.

Parenting is demanding enough but parenting all by yourself without the help of a spouse or family is far more difficult.

  • Need some support looking after your young family?.
    Are you a single dad and need a little bit of help? Do you travel for business and need someone to live-in temporarily while you are away? I can take care of your loved ones and you will have peace of mind that they are safe and happy.
  • Looking for a womans touch?.
    Not that kind of touch! But a woman's presence can be priceless.
Little Miss Helper

"Marie has proven to be a lifeline through what has been a difficult patch. Thanks Marie!"
Paul Armstrong, Worlds Best Dad, Sydney.